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What is Giving Trail?

Giving Trail is a crowdfunding platform created especially for nonprofits to raise money for charitable projects. We help nonprofits raise small amounts of money from a large number of people who are reached through the vast social networks of family, friends and colleagues to support projects they believe in. With transparency, accountability and no risk, Giving Trail helps nonprofits stay

focused on their mission. It helps lower fundraising costs, recruit new donors and volunteers, and rally supporters to spread the word about projects that matter. Many small acts of giving and sharing add up to improve lives and build better communities!

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How Giving Trail Works

Step 1: Create a Campaign

Your campaign page can be easily created in minutes. Each page tells donors what your campaign is, who it benefits, what it will cost, and if you need volunteers.

Step 2: Widen Your Horizons

Easy-to-use tools empower donors to expand an organization’s donor base by sharing the project with an entirely new audience on several social media platforms.

Step 3: Reach the Goal

Organizations make their campaign funding goals a reality while cultivating a trusting relationship with their donors through transparency and accountability.

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Giving Trail is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to help other nonprofits raise money and awareness for their charitable projects. We provide donors with a simple mechanism to get great information, donate, volunteer and rally other like-minded individuals. Giving Trail makes it fun and easy to harness the power of the internet to help nonprofits succeed in their mission.

Spending less time and money on fundraising and more time on the mission is right on target. I encourage charitable organizations to give it a try.
Kurt Mische KNPB Public Television
President & CEO
This is a meaningful tool that strengthens the relationships between donors and charitable organizations.
Jerry Hall Rotary International
Past Director & Vice President
Crowdfunding is an effective, low-cost tool helping charitable organizations fundraise, grow their donor lists and organize their projects. It’s easy and fun to use.
Chris Askin Community Foundation of Western Nevada, President & CEO

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