Court House Reading Room

By Rotary Club of Reno, MidtownReno, Nevada

As families go through court proceedings, children are exposed to an emotionally challenging situation. Our goal is to create welcoming and friendly reading rooms, just outside of the courtroom, to offer children a refuge from the emotional trauma of their family legal proceedings, where they can feel safe and comfortable.

This will be done through redecorating the existing spaces to add murals, bookshelves, tables & chairs, books, games, toys and art. It is hoped that these reading rooms will eventually be an outlet for volunteers to come read to the children during their family legal proceedings.

With your help, this project will provide a positive impact to our community.

Breakdown of Costs

  • Bookshelves/Reading Chairs/Storage Furniture $3,500.00

If Funding Goal is Exceeded:

If funding is exceeded, excess contributions will go towards: additional books, pictures, and bean bag chairs for the children.

If Funding Goal is Not Met:

If the funding goal is not met, Midtown Rotary will take on the left over cost of the project to ensure it is a success.

Funding period over.

of $3,500 goal

Campaign funding is closed.

Jan. 2018
funding ends
Jan. 2018
project ends
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