Funding for Women's Health and Cancer Screenings

By Community Health AllianceReno, Nevada

The Community Health Alliance provides screening as well as navigation services to make sure that women follow through with recommended tests and have the support they need to understand test results. At this moment, won't you help with a gift now so that we don't have to take money from another program?

Here's what CHA provided just in the last year:

  • 451 women received breast cancer screening services;
  • 237 mammograms were ordered and paid for;
  • 104 ultrasounds were provided for women with suspicious mammograms; and
  • 2 biopsies were provided for diagnosis of breast cancer.

In the words of Beto, our Women's Health Care Coordinator, "Removing barriers for patients and creating a sense of support and comfort for women going through the screening process is critical for saving lives. I have witnessed the relief women feel when they can receive financial help with the screenings. I have seen fathers and spouses cry with thanks. This service relieves so much stress."

Patients were 88% Latinas, 100% low income. 100% Local.

We are saving lives!! Please help. Honor your mother, grandmother, sister, niece, co-worker, friend, with a donation to CHA today.

Breakdown of Costs

  • Clinical Breast Exams for 24 women $960.00
  • Surgeons / Biopsies for 3 procedures $1,960.00
  • Mammograms for 45 women $8,750.00
  • Overhead $1,477.00

If Funding Goal is Exceeded:

We would be so grateful to the donors who helped us exceed the amount we have set. With any extra funds, we would be able to expand the scope of this project to reach even more women.

If Funding Goal is Not Met:

If the fundraising goal is not met, we will apply to other sources such as corporations, foundations, and health care associations to make up the difference.

Funding period over.

of $13,147 goal

Campaign funding is closed.

Apr. 2018
funding ends
Jun. 2018
project ends
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