X-Ray Sensor for Children's Dental Van

By Community Health AllianceNevada, United States

The Community Health Alliance has three restorative vans that bring dental and medical care directly to patients, many of them children, who live in Reno and Sparks, Nevada. Most of our young patients have no dental insurance, but are in dire need of services to arrest and stop oral decay and disease. The number of individual patients served annually on the Restorative Van is 1,583. We provide around 5,200 child visits per year on the Restorative Van.

Having the digital sensors on the Restorative Van will help us tremendously in the following ways:

a) Digital sensors give off less radiation when taking x-rays, so our young children population will be subjected to less radiation during their x-rays.

b) Digital sensors are faster to process with images coming up on the computer screen instantaneously. This replaces having to wait for the films to develop and taking time to mount the x-rays. This saves our staff a lot of time in waiting for the x-rays to be developed - approximately 5-7 minutes per patient.

c) Digital x-rays are scanned and stored in the patient's chart in Dentrix (electronic dental record).This reduces the chance of x-rays being lost or misfiled and having to take additional x-rays on return visits.

d) The digital x-rays are much better diagnostically. They surpass regular film in being able to see carious lesions and other bony pathology.

e) Since the x-rays are stored digitally, they can be sent along with insurance claims easily for faster reimbursement and less chance of loss of radiographs sent via mail.

f) The digital x-rays are much more convenient for patients as they are faster to take, faster to read and assess, making the dental appointment quicker and easier for the patient.

g) CHA will no longer have to purchase x-ray developer and x-ray fixer (chemicals needed to develop film x-rays) or x-ray film which will be a cost savings of $402.55 per month.

h) We currently have a Perio Pro X-ray Film Processor on the van that was purchased around 2001, so it is 15 years old. It is about 12 inches wide and 24 inches long and takes up about 1/3 of the space in our sterilization area of the dental van. By removing it and moving to digital sensors, it will create much needed space in our sterilization area.

Finally, our staff had the chance to try out the equipment on a trial basis. Here is what Peggy, one of our hygienists, had to say:

"Now that I have had about 2 weeks of using the Dexis Sensor I just wanted to let you know how amazing it is. I have had an opportunity to use it on all ages of patients, and I have taken both the normal daily BWX and 2 Occlusal films as well as 1 FMX.

"They take very good pictures - very diagnostic. I also like that having the films in a large format on the computer screen that I can use it for patient/parent education. It's amazing to have the patient and/or parent come up to the screen and look at the areas of decay we found.

"The amount of time I save is wonderful. I no longer have to take the xray, write up the envelope and the film mount then drop the film in the processor then go back to mount them. Not to mention the huge time savings when I took that FMX. We will also not have to search for misfiled images. Also, the Doctor can review the films in another area before they even get back to my room.

"All in all I will cry if we cannot get the sensors for the van!!!.Thank you for trying them out."

Breakdown of Costs

  • Plat Sensor $7,966.00
  • DEXHub $1,195.00
  • Overhead $1,574.00

If Funding Goal is Exceeded:

We will apply any extra funds to our third van, which also would benefit from this equipment.

If Funding Goal is Not Met:

We will continue fundraising in addition to applying for grant funding from a local foundation for the balance. The cost for the equipment is already generously discounted by the manufacturer, Henry Schein.

Funding period over.

of $10,735 goal

Campaign funding is closed.

Mar. 2017
funding ends
Mar. 2017
project ends
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