Support Nevada County CA Residents Rebuild after Fires

By Rotary Club of Nevada CityCalifornia, United States

You can make a difference for our local fire victims!

As residents went to bed on Sunday October 15 howling winds raged through Western Nevada County, California. Shortly before midnight sparks ignited two major fires within 15 minutes of each other and began spreading aggressively from Mc Courtney Road south in Grass Valley and from Lone Lobo/Bitney Springs in Rough & Ready toward Lake Wildwood in Penn Valley. Local Police Officers and Sheriff's Deputies conducted house to house searches to evacuate residents while neighbors called and honked horns to alert each other. Many residents had only minutes to escape. At one point in the days that followed an estimated 7,000 residents were evacuated from their homes.

Before the week ended, the Lobo Fire burned through 821 acres and the Mc Courtney related fires burned an estimated 300 acres just south of the Nevada County Fairgrounds. At least 23 homes were destroyed plus 24 additional outbuildings (garages, barns and working shops etc). Many other homes and structures were also damaged. Now that the fires are contained, families and small businesses are assessing what they have lost, clearing the devastating effects, determining what it will take to rebuild, and beginning the process of restarting their lives.

Grass Valley Police Chaplains and local community leaders have partnered together to organize the Community Disaster Response Fund for Nevada County to help local residents reconstruct their homes, property, and lives. To jump start our Community Disaster Response effort, the five Rotary Clubs of Western Nevada County are launching this funding campaign.

Make a difference in the lives for our local friends and neighbors by donating now. 100% of funds collected will be distributed to local families by the Community Disaster Response Fund for Nevada County. Nominal administrative fees associated with this funding effort will be reimbursed by the Rotary Clubs of Penn Valley, Grass Valley, Grass Valley South, Nevada City and Nevada City 49er Breakfast so that every dollar you donate will go to the Community Disaster Response Fund.

The Rotary Club of Penn Valley is complementing this campaign by donating $1,000 in Holiday Market "wow" points which were presented to the Community Disaster Response Fund in the form of ten $100 voucher cards. Nevada City 49er Breakfast Rotary has contributed a cash collection of $664. The Rotary Club of Grass Valley has contributed $1,370 to the fund's Tri Counties Bank account. These contributions are part of our campaign but will not be reflected in the "Funded Amount" shown on this page.

Please click the DONATE button to add your donation of any amount and invite finds and family to match your donation or contribute as their heart calls them!

For more on the fund visit:
Community Disaster Response Fund Aims to help Nevada County Residents, The Union
Photo credits: Mike Dobbins

Breakdown of Costs

  • Donations to Community Disaster Response Fund $5,000.00
  • Overhead $0.00

If Funding Goal is Exceeded:

All funds raised will be donated to Nevada County Fire victims through the Community Disaster Response Fund for Nevada County organized and managed by Grass Valley Police “First Response Chaplains” and local community leaders.

If Funding Goal is Not Met:

All funds of any amount will be donated to the Community Disaster Response Fund for Nevada County.

Funding period over.

of $5,000 goal

Campaign funding is closed.

Nov. 2017
funding ends
Dec. 2017
project ends
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