Punching out Parkinson’s

By Tazmanian Boxing ClubCarson City, Nevada

Tazmanian Boxing Club is a local nonprofit that serves people with Parkinson's disease, at risk youth and our local senior citizens.We are getting a bigger facility to help us reach our goal of serving more people with Parkinson's disease. As exciting as this is, we are faced with the dilemma of having to furnish this bigger space with all of the safety and functional equipment necessary to run our program. Our biggest concern is funding for the safety floor mats. Parkinson's disease causes foot shuffling and poor balance which in turn, results in falls. It is critical that we get a padded flooring down to help break the fall of our participants.

We are growing by leaps and bounds and with one person diagnosed with Parkinson's every six seconds, we anticipate a huge growth in our program. We will need to acquire more equipment to facilitate our bigger clientele.

Breakdown of Costs

  • Padded flooring/ mats $2,600.00
  • Overhead $3,800.00

If Funding Goal is Exceeded:

If we raise more than our goal, we will create a scholarship fund for low income participants in order to cover their monthly dues and boxing gloves.

If Funding Goal is Not Met:

We will prioritize the safety mat flooring as top on the list. Thereafter we will gradually raise monies needed to gather all the other items. We will always serve our community and are hoping to reach more people in need faster. We will continue to build by word of mouth and community involvement in the meantime.

Funding period over.

of $6,400 goal

Campaign funding is closed.

Jul. 2018
funding ends
Sep. 2018
project ends
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