Hope Springs Gardens: Healthy Food for the Unsheltered

By Soulful SeedsReno, Nevada

At any given time, 12-15% of people in Northern Nevada suffer from food insecurity or hunger.*

These funds will help Soulful Seeds build a neighborhood garden on the site of Northern Nevada HOPES' Hope Springs Tiny Homes Project. This Tiny home project creates a community of 30 homes for those in need east of downtown Reno. The gardens at the site will be able to grow healthy food for this community, as well as provide additional food for others in the Reno/Sparks area. The greenhouse at the facility will help ensure hearty production throughout the year.

This campaign grows the seeds of an organization that has already donated hundreds of pounds of fresh food to those who lack consistent access to enough food to lead an active healthy life, in our community. We are currently working with other local organizations including the Great Basin Food Co-Op, Saint Marys, Northern Nevada HOPES, Moana Nursery, Rail City Garden Center, University of Nevada Co-Operative Extension, Stone House Garden and Gifts, plus governmental organizations, businesses and individuals to make the dream of healthy food for all a reality. This project will help us begin constructing pillar two (neighborhood gardens), of our four pillar vision that bringing healthy food to those in need.

Join us in laying the groundwork for an organization that values all individuals' in the community, especially, those who have very little resources. We can't do it alone and understand it takes a village coming together to end food insecurity. Together we can grow healthy, beautiful food to create a healthy and beautiful world.

For your reference, Soulful Seeds' four pillars are explained here.

Pillar One: Community Gardens: An expansion of community gardens in the community will allow Soulful Seeds and its' partners to significantly increase the amount of food provided for those in need through various distribution sites.

Pillar Two: Neighborhood Gardens: Neighborhood gardens will provide food as close to the population that needs it as possible. Soulful Seeds will help build, teach and offer support, so each neighborhood can grow, utilize and maintain the garden.

Pillar Three: Workforce Development: Creating opportunities for individuals who need or want to work, to help themselves and others.

Pillar Four: Teaching and Education: Soulful Seeds will create a variety of education programs for building, preparing, planting, harvesting and garden maintenance. We will also provide educational classes to teach how to cook the food that is grown.

*Sources: fbnn.org; dhhs.nv.gov; Washoe County Health Needs Assessment.

Breakdown of Costs

  • Raised Garden Beds $2,200.00
  • Compost, Seeds, and Soil $1,600.00
  • Gardening Equipment and Tools $400.00
  • Green House $5,600.00
  • Overhead $2,200.00

If Funding Goal is Exceeded:

Partnering with Northern Nevada Hopes, we will be building a gardens for the HOPES Springs Tiny Homes, site located in Reno. With your help we will build the foundation for a sustainable organization and will teach the residents how to grow, harvest, cook fresh food throughout the year. Providing food for the most vulnerable population in our community. If we exceed our goal we will use the funds on future garden projects in the Reno community.

If Funding Goal is Not Met:

Soulful Seeds is seeking funding through a variety of means, including: Grants, Home Receptions, Personal Donations, and several others. You can learn more about our funding efforts at https://www.soulful-seeds.com. Our partners will include government, businesses, foundations, non-profits and individuals. You can become one of our partners to achieve our initiatives. If we don't hit our goal we will continue fundraising by the above methods to ensure the success of this project.

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