Ayden Sawrie - Eagle Scout Project

By Troop 154, RenoReno, Nevada

I am working with the Park Rangers at Audrey Harris Park located on Lakeside Drive above Bartley Ranch in Reno. This park is heavily visited by locals and tourists because of its location and panoramic views of Reno.

Because of the geographical location of the park, the wind is so strong it blows the trash containers over spilling their contents down the mountainside, even when they are tethered to a pole. The Rangers at Audrey Harris Park are in need of a structure to hold the trash containers that will protect them from the wind, anchor the trash containers to prevent spillage and to make the structure esthetically pleasing to look at since it will easily seen by visitors and passing cars on Lakeside Drive. This structure will save the Rangers valuable time by not having to go and pick up the spilled trash on the hillside over looking Bartley Ranch.

Volunteers and myself will build a much needed 7'x4' trash enclosure set in concrete, with anchor points to secure the trash containers from the wind. Because of the popularity of the park, I feel like it's important that this NOT be a regular "ole trash can pin" but something more modern and nice looking, especially since it will easily be seen by passing cars on Lakeside Drive.

Breakdown of Costs

  • Materials $859.00
  • Supplies $396.00

If Funding Goal is Exceeded:

Per Boy Scouts of America guidelines, any excess funding will be donated back to Parks Department for other projects.

If Funding Goal is Not Met:

I will continue fundraising and look for private support.

23 hours left

of $1,255 goal

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Apr. 2019
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Apr. 2019
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